Using Media and Technology in Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts

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This aim of this course is to help you as you incorporate media and technology into your sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts. With an emphasis on online tools, the course makes the case for using media and technology in your efforts. It also walks you through key considerations for choosing and incorporating tools, as well as provides an example of a Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grantee program that has successfully incorporated these tools into their prevention program.

Media and its messages are all around us, influencing our thoughts and behaviors.  And as technology advances, so do the types of media that inform our worlds.  How can we use this media and technology to promote positive, healthy behaviors and norms?  And why should we?  This lesson contains a video presentation that will not only address those questions, but that will also guide you through key steps and considerations for your efforts.

The goal of this course is to support you as you incorporate media and technology into your prevention efforts.

Educational Objectives:

  • Explain how media and technology can enhance sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts.
  • Provide 4 key considerations when incorporating media and technology into prevention efforts.

Skills Objective:

  • Identify at least two activities based in media and/or technology that can enhance your current prevention efforts.

Additional Course Materials:

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Course Features

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