All Research is Not Created Equally: Assessing the quality of program evaluation studies

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This course, intended for sexual and domestic violence prevention practitioners, discusses considerations for using research evidence to inform program planning, including the current state of research in the field, the kinds of evidence, and criteria for assessing the quality of program evaluation research studies. Prepared and narrated by Deena Fulton, MPH.
Complete this lesson to learn about key concepts and questions for assessing how trustworthy and appropriate a program evaluation is for helping you develop your own programs.
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    Course Features

    • Lectures 5
    • Quizzes 5
    • Duration 1.5 hours
    • Skill level All levels
    • Language English
    • Students 12
    • Certificate Yes
    • Assessments Yes
    • Program Evaluations 2

      • Lecture1.1
        CDC’s Understanding Evidence project overview
      • Quiz1.1
        Program Evaluations Quiz 2 questions
    • Program Effectiveness 2

      • Lecture2.1
        Read from NSVRC and
      • Quiz2.1
        Program Effectiveness Quiz 2 questions
    • Best Available Research Evidence 2

      • Lecture3.1
      • Quiz3.1
        Best Available Research Evidence Quiz 1 question
    • Incorporating Research Evidence 2

      • Lecture4.1
      • Quiz4.1
        Incorporating Research Evidence Quiz 2 questions
    • Most Effective Program Components 2

      • Lecture5.1
      • Quiz5.1
        Most Effective Program Components 3 questions